The Maine Junior Ski League is made up of middle school aged kids grades 6 to 8. Teams may be affiliated with a school, a club or with a ski area team recognized by the League. Maine Junior Ski League is set up in two divisions - A and B. Any team can compete in any race that they are accepted into by the host team or mountain, regardless of which division they are in. The state meets at the end of the season are conducted as follows: The Division B Alpine state meet is held at Shawnee Peak each year. Division B Nordic moves around in location and date. Shawnee Peak also holds races each week. The Division A State Meet is held at different venues each year, the venues are determined at the annual scheduling meeting which has historically been held in November at Tripp Middle School in Turner the first Thursday after Election Day. Racers must compete in at least 3 races during the regular season to be eligible to compete in the State Meet—3 Nordic races for Nordic or 3 Alpine races for the Alpine meet. Each team may currently send 8 male and 8 female racers to compete in each of the 4 events—slalom, giant slalom, Nordic classic and Nordic skate. A coach may opt to have a completely different contingent for each event. Men's and women’s teams are scored separately, but on the same course. The fastest 4 racers count toward each team’s score. Awards are given out for best 3 team scores in Alpine and Nordic, as well as, best 3 teams overall (Alpine and Nordic combined). Awards are also given for top 10 individuals in each of the 4 disciplines as well as the top 10 Ski Meisters (the best 10 men and women competing in all four events individually).

  • SMO is on a race by race basis.  All skimeisters are listed either SM (if a team scorer) or SMO (not a team scorer for that race)
  • Run orders are EIGHT (8) team scorers maximum, followed by the SMO skimeisters, and then the guests.
  • Guests may serve as alternates for those team scorers who are absent.  It's up to you and the race registrar whether you want to change a name and drop the alternate into the absent team scorer's bib and start time, or simply designate their status change (to team scorer) and keep their bib and start with the guests.  Prefer the first option, but it will work either way, designations made at registration.

  • Coach Packets available in Coaches' Section.

This site is an attempt to improve the Junior Ski experience and communication for racers, parents and coaches. I will do my best to update it Sunday night during the season. Your coach should be your definitive source for information. If you have pictures, content, suggestions or corrections,please e mail me link ia at the bottom of the pages