FINALS Day 2 Alpine at Kent’s Hill

PLEASE READ BELOW regarding the second day of finals ALPINE SLALOM on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Race Start Time: 9:30 AM
Registration: 7:00 AM
Cost: $18.00 Paid to Kents Hill
Coaches Meeting: 8:20 AM
Course Inspection: 8:30 AM
Course will be closed at 9:15 AM
Fore Runners:9:25 AM

Chief of Course for the Girls: Eric Guilmet
Chief of Course for the Boys: Ronn Gifford
Jury: Chris McKee and Monica Clark
Head Gate Keeper: David Chiappetta
Timing: Steve Bell

Two courses will be set for the race. The girls’ course will be the skier’s right and the boy’s course will be the skier’s left. Also there will be a training course available.

Run Orders must be sent no later then Wednesday 02/14/18, if not sent there will be no exception, athletes will not race.

Run Orders will be sent to Steve Bell via e-mail:

Ski Meisters MUST BE MARKED AS SM after the athletes name. If this protocol is not followed, athletes will not compete as ski meisters. Again, if one of the scoring eight is a ski meister, please make sure SM is on the athletes name. If there are more ski meisters other then the eight scorers, just add their names after the top scoring eight marked as ski mister only SMO. After the ski meister has completed their run, they should be head to Waterville for their Nordic Meet.

Must have a Waiver for each athlete, if you have not completed this form for this year. Please contact Steve Bell regarding the waiver information if needed. His contact number is 207.685.9061 or you can reach him via e-mail:


Each team will have eight potential scorers for each boys or girls team

Each team allowed to have two alternates. We will have alternates run as non scorers after each run for their own personal time.

There will be no changes of the Run Order the day of the race with the exception if there is a scoring athlete who is out on the day of the meet being ill or hurt, you may add one of your alternates to the team.

All competing athletes at the state meet MUST HAVE minimum of THREE ski meets this season.

In order to compete in the state the Maine Junior Ski Leauge should have been and must be paid.

Bibs must be shown during course inspection.

DSQs will be posted after each run. When a DSQ is posted after the second run, coaches have 15 minutes to protest

We will be selling T-shirts and our famous home-made Kents Hill food.
We hope that this event will be a safe and fun meet for everybody with a positive experience. If you have any questions, please contact Eric Guilmet at 207.446.4307, or Steve Bell.

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