Hosting the State Meet

State Meet Hosting Information

Things to think about when hosting the state meet:


It maybe a good idea for the host team to secure a backup location for the awards ceremony in case of inclement weather.  This should be done as soon as possible to insure availability.


Host school/team sells T-shirts at the venue.  It is up to them to decide how to go about doing this.  For the 2017 Final Festival, FAST solicited donations from area businesses to fund the cost of the shirts upfront.  Their logo was then displayed on the back of the shirts.  There were 150 shirts ordered for 2017 (YM – 25, YL – 25, AXS – 18, AS – 30, AM – 30, AL – 18, AWL – 4) *Note more of the smaller sizes were requested


A good sound system is greatly appreciated by the fans and athletes.  Check with your local hosting area weeks ahead of time and MAKE SURE (don’t just take their word for it!) that it works and is “good to go”  

Daily Itinerary

If possible create a daily itinerary for the day’s events.  This will help insure a clear expectation for each day.  

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