Maine Junior Ski League Rules

November 2011


The Maine Junior Ski League exists to promote team and individual competitive skiing, both alpine and Nordic, for middle school-aged athletes. The goal is for all skiers to receive ageappropriate technical skiing instruction, have fun skiing, learn good sportsmanship, and compete.


The Maine Junior Ski League is made up of member teams (schools and clubs with ski programs) and member individuals (those who do not have access to a local competitive ski program). Membership is open to athletes through 8th grade at the coach’s discretion.

1. If a competitor lives in an area that has a program, the racer shall compete in the school program unless attending another school with its own program. (e.g. Hebron Academy has students living in Oxford Hills school district).

2. If a competitor attends a school that does not have a program, but the school has an agreement with a neighboring school, the competitor will be considered (and scored as) a member of the neighboring school’s team. The League Coordinator should seek further clarifying information about school agreements from the Athletic Directors if it is deemed necessary.

3. A skier who does not fit into any of the above mentioned categories may compete in the League as an individual competitor. Members shall be self-assigned to a Class for a minimum of two years. Class A teams consist of schools whose high schools are class A and teams that wish to move to class A. Class B consists of schools whose high schools are class B and/or compete only in one discipline.

Regular season races shall be open to all teams members, regardless of region, except when the number of competitors must be limited for time and/or safety concerns.


League Coordinator

A League Coordinator shall be appointed by either consensus or majority vote of League coaches at the annual meeting. The Coordinator’s responsibilities include, at a minimum:

  • to facilitate all League communication (including coaches’ meetings),
  • to collect members’ contact information, annual fees, and rosters,
  • keep financial records and share a brief report at meetings,
  • help with scheduling races,
  • assist with state meet logistics, and
  • be available (in person or via phone) during state meets.

Rules Committee

A Rules Committee shall be appointed by either consensus or majority vote of League coaches at the annual meeting. It shall be made up of one alpine and one Nordic coach from each region and the League Coordinator.

The Rules Committee shall exist to, at a minimum:

  • collect and review suggested rules changes before each meeting,
  • coordinate with state meet hosts to ensure that League rules are being followed, and
  • be available (in person or via phone) during state meets to serve as a jury for League rule-related decisions.


The annual planning meeting will be on the first Thursday of November. Meet schedules and other issues will be discussed at this meeting. Any changes to league rules will be decided at this meeting.

A spring meeting may be called for at the discretion of the League Coordinator or general membership. If a spring meeting is held, it will occur on the first Thursday in April.

A minimum of two weeks notice must be given to coaches for all meetings.


Annual fees must be postmarked by January 1st. An additional fee for late entries will be applied to encourage prompt payment. The fee for individual members will be lower.



2019-2020 Fees
Team fee $70.00
Individual fee $20.00
Mountain fees set based on number of league participants
Team fee (after December 31st) $80.00
Individual fee (after December 31st)  $30.00

All South Region alpine teams share a mountain fee. Individual alpine skiers in Class B must also pay a portion of the mountain fee, no more than 25% of the team fee.


All Races

1. Maine Principals’ Association rules for high school skiing shall apply in all alpine and Nordic events and meets except as noted below. [MPA alpine rules | MPA Nordic rules]

State Meet Races

  1. In order to participate in the state meet, a competitor must have competed in at least three events of the discipline in which they are competing (alpine or Nordic; not slalom, giant slalom, freestyle or classic).
  2. In order to be eligible for Skimeister, competitors are required to have participated in a minimum of two Nordic and two alpine races during the regular season

Reiteration of MPA Rules – These exist in MPA rules, but are important and often sought after.

  1. State Meet Only: Skimeisters may race in any event as a scoring team member, or as “SMO” (skimeister only). Coaches MUST designate “SMO” in their registrations for skimeisters who are not scorers for their team.
  2. Nordic Only: In classic events, no skating is allowed except skate turns and when changing tracks, in which case the competitor is allowed one skate out and one skate back in. A skier will be disqualified if he/she (a) obviously ignores a stop skating warning of an official or (b) he/she receives a second stop skating warning by an official.

Annual Awards

  1. Team (top three plaques)
    a. Combined Champions (giant slalom, slalom, freestyle and classic combined)
    b. Alpine Champions (giant slalom and slalom combined)
    c. Nordic Champions (freestyle and classic combined)
  2. Individuals in each discipline (giant slalom, slalom, classic, freestyle and skimeister)
    a. First, second and third place medals
    b. Seventh through tenth place ribbons

Changing League Rules

Any changes to rules must occur at the annual planning meeting. A 2/3 majority of members in attendance is needed to change League rules. A minimum of 15 members must be present.

Each team receives one vote. If a school/club has an alpine and Nordic team, they each receive one vote. A team representative (assistant coach, parent, etc.) may vote for the team if a coach is unable to attend the meeting.

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