FINALS Day 1 Nordic at Gould


Girl’s 3k freestyle results

Boy’s 3k skate results

Team results


Start Times and Start Order

2:00 PM Girls Skate.  1 skier every 15 seconds.

3:30 PM Boys Skate.


Hilly 3km with spectator-friendly finish


There are two parking lots on either side of Grover Hill Road

Bib Pickup:

Bib pickup will be in the yurt, located in the stadium area

Entry fee:

$8 per skier emailed entry payable by cash or check on arrival

Checks to “Gould Academy”

Entry deadline:

8PM on Monday, February 12th.

Email to

Entries must be in spreadsheet format as an attachment (Excel or Google sheets)

Minimal Fields:

First Name    Last Name    Team Name    Gender    School     Grade   

Please list run order for team of 8 skiers, listed in seed order of coach’s discretion.

Skimeisters must be designated by an asterisk (*) by their last name.

Teams with less than 3 finishers, and independents will be entered in “Guest Class”. These skiers get times but are excluded from team scoring.


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