Gearing Up for Finals

In order to participate at Finals (this year February 11th and 15th) an athlete must have paid league dues (whether the are a part of a team or racing as an independent) BEFORE TUESDAY FEBRUARY 11.  They must have also competed in at least three events of their discipline (three alpine or three nordic) or four (2 of nordic and 2 alpine) if wishing to compete as a skimeister.

Please coaches, we trust that you will help make sure each of your athletes have competed in the appropriate number of events before submitting them on the run order

When submitting run orders for finals here is an explanation.  There is a slight difference between Alpine and Nordic in terms of a “guest class”

Ten athletes are allowed to ski for each event.  They do not need to be the same 10 each day.  Scoring members are 1-8.  Nine and 10 are alternates and will not provide towards the team score.  Their finish will be not included when calculating the team score for all teams. A skimeister is also allowed to ski as a skimeister only SMO. They will not count towards the team score but will receive a score for their skimeister competition.  When submitting a run order it should be:

Seeds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, SMO, ALT1, ALT2

On the day of the race if an athlete is sick the first alternate will race in their spot.  Meaning an alternate could be racing at seed 3 rather than ALT1.

Please let league coordinator Monica Clark know if you have any questions; she is happy to help.  As for start times for each day: both hosts are currently working on an itinerary which should include when a coaches meeting is, when the course is open for inspection and what time the race will begin.  Thank you for your patience.

On the second day of finals, if the weather does not want to cooperate we have reserved Mt. Blue Middle School as a location to hand out awards.  We hope that we will not need this and will be able to do everything at Titcomb. Just wanted to let you all know ahead of time of the possibility.

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